Archives and History News: Glastonbury Festival, women in the First World War, and sound recordings!

Glastonbury festival has gradually moved from from hippy counter-culture to mainstream middle-class staple. The V&A now keeps an archive about Glastonbury, the final nail in the counter-culture coffin. Glastonbury is dead. Long live Glastonbury!

An image from the V&A’s Glastonbury archive

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Archives and History News: Beer, Einstein’s mistakes, vegetarians and justice for Jewish families.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the which archivist are you? quiz. If you can find a more obscure quiz, let me know!

Archives – perfectly represented by an acid-free box

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Archives and History News

Plenty of people have been complaining about the new-fangled fashion for selfies. They may be surprised to find that this crazy narcissistic trend was actually started in 1839 by photographer Robert Cornelius!

Self-portrait of Robert Cornelius

He’s rather a handsome romantic-looking man, isn’t he?

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