Archives and History News: Glastonbury Festival, women in the First World War, and sound recordings!

Glastonbury festival has gradually moved from from hippy counter-culture to mainstream middle-class staple. The V&A now keeps an archive about Glastonbury, the final nail in the counter-culture coffin. Glastonbury is dead. Long live Glastonbury!

An image from the V&A’s Glastonbury archive

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Archives and History News: Beer, Einstein’s mistakes, vegetarians and justice for Jewish families.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the which archivist are you? quiz. If you can find a more obscure quiz, let me know!

Archives – perfectly represented by an acid-free box

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Archives and History News

There’s been an awful lot going on in the archives and history world since my last update.

Thousands of rare and ancient books, worth millions of pounds, have been looted from the Biblioteca Girolamini in Naples over the past few years.  They were stolen by the librarian himself, who seems to have got the position through some political dodgy dealing. He and his gang destroyed the library catalogue and even damaged the books to hide their traces. All over Italy libraries are being left to decay, which is a tragedy in a country that was the cradle of modern European civilisation.

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