I’m dreaming of a …. Dark Christmas

I recently watched an amazing Christmas movie. It’s called Rare Exports, and it’s in Finnish with subtitles. The film opens with some crazy Americans digging up a giant hill in Lapland, while two young boys spy on them. They’re opening up a grave. They’re looking for treasure. But the boys know who’s in that hill – it’s Santa Claus! The real Santa Claus that is. The evil one who beats children to death and boils them alive. Can they stop him from getting out and ruining Christmas?

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Archives and History News!

Archivists and conservators the world over face all the same problems – protecting vast collections from the ravages of time, and official indifference. In theory, this sounds a little dry, but in practice it can be very exciting. For example…

A unique collection of over 30,000 photographs, documenting 120 years of life inside Buddhist monasteries in Laos, has been digitised thanks to The British Library’s Endangered Archives programme. The images are not all online yet, but it looks like a fascinating collection, giving a unique insight into the monastic way of life.

An image from the Buddhist archive of photography

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