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A lovely photo of Sir Leopold Aleksander – You’re welcome, dear readers!

On Wednesday 26th February I made my first visit to St Bart’s Pathology Museum. We were treated to a very interesting lecture by Dr Ellery Foutch on Victorian strongman Eugen Sandow (though I have to say excitement was running so high we all found it a little hard to concentrate) before the main event – a performance by the magnificent Sir Leopold Alexander, Lion of London and Mighty Moustache! I’ve seen him perform before, but how could anyone ever tire of such magnificence? Continue reading

14th February Special – Happy Birthday John Hunter!

Ah, February 14!! A day long associated with flowers and hearts – beautiful dissected hearts, pickled in jars!! Because, of course, today is the 286th birthday of John Hunter, the godfather of modern surgery. Continue reading

Archives and History News

On Tuesday 4th February I showed off at Museum Showoff. It was a great night. I particularly enjoyed discovering that the corpse of the mighty philosopher Jeremy Bentham has starred in a horror film, menacing some astro-physicists who were the only people to survive a zombie apocalypse. The show’s finale was a mind-blowing talk about maggots from the Natural History Museum’s curator of flies. Did you know that chocolate is legally allowed to contain up to 5% maggots? Me neither. I feel slightly less enthusiastic about chocolate now.

Legally 5% of this…

Can be made of these!!!

Continue reading


Don’t forget I’ll be performing ‘The totally unorthpdox guide to museum archives’ at Museums Showoff in London tomorrow night (4th February). A robot, Indiana Jones and a magnificent beard will all be involved. I’m particularly looking forward to Nick Booth’s talk on ‘the corpse of everyone’s favourite moral philosopher: Jeremy Bentham’s auto-icon’. Do come along –  it’s free, there are loads of great speakers, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

museum showoffIts History Podcasts has syndicated my posts on Mesmerism.  It’s a great site, with many interesting and varied podcasts and blogs about all sorts of historical topics, and you can buy their magazine History is Now! as well.